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The Omni Blender is significantly quieter by itself already without the sound enclosure if compared side-by-side to other powerful smoothie blenders. A sound enclosure can only help enhance and improve your blending experience in your restaurant, your bar, or in your home. The OMNI Blender at 85 dB and with a 3 hp motor emulsifies and micronizes everything from avocado pits to carrots and cabbage or green leafs into soup, sauces, smoothies, or purees.

The bottom line is that the OMNI Super Blender pulverizes your fruit or vegetable ingredients into smoothies just like the higher priced competitors (those at Costco, for example), it has a 7 year warranty, the motor runs cooler and quieter, and it only costs $ 240.00 including free USA shipping. Call now: (801) 623-3225(801) 623-3225

Special offer: The OMNI Super Blender with the Sound Enclosure Box is now only $ 330.00 USD including Free USA shipping.

Sound Enclosure Need

Whether you have a small child or someone with sensitive hearing issues at home, or your smoothie bar requires a quiet and cost effective sound or noise reducing solution, the OMNI Shield Sound Enclosure.

The OMNI SHIELD sound enclosure box reduces the noise level by an additional 40-50%. If you already have a powerful blender, which may perhaps be a little bit to noisy for your ears at home or at your restaurant, a sound enclosure will help you control your ambient environment. It will fit most of the Blendtec blenders, Kitchenaid, Cusineart, and other blenders that are with the jar not more than 17.5" tall. 

Call (801) 623-3225(801) 623-3225