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We manufacture and distribute a sound enclosure box designed for the OMNI blender. Come to find out, it also fits other blenders. The OMNI Blender is a 3 hp smoothie machine which is already much quieter than its higher priced competitors... those that you can normally find at Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc..., between $ 400 to $ 500.

The Sound Enclosure Box is 11 inches wide, 14 inches deep and 18.25 inches tall. The sound reduction is more than 50%. You can purchase the sound enclosure box for $115 free Shipping in the USA. - 7 year Warranty


Which Blenders Fit?

Blenders that fit into the Sound Enclosure box are KitchenAid, CusineArt, OMNI Blender, Omega and others alike with a smaller

jar (1 Liter), and Blendtec blenders such as the EZ Blender, the HP3A, and the Total Blender. The Professional Series Blenders fit also, especially the Tom Dickson Extreme Blender.  The Blendtec Designer Series requires a (home made) platform and needs to slide all the to the front of the sound box panel- a fit but not an easy fit. KichenAid and CusineArt blenders need on the bottom of the sound box a substitute platform inserted (a cardboard piece). The Ninja Blender does not fit, nor does the Montel Williams Healthmaster blender. Consult blender owners manual for warranty and cooling / ventilation requirements regarding installation. You may have to leave the rear cord plug cover off if there is a concern. Call us with any questions.

  • 7 Year  Limited Warranty.
  • Free Shipping
  • More than 50% Noise Reduction Promise

As you can imagine, this sound enclosure is made from a durable food-grade Polycarbonate. It won't break unless it's abused.

Call to inquire about availability at (801) 623-3225(801) 623-3225.

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Which Blenders will fit?

Blendtec Total Blender,
EZ Blender, and HP3A
Blendtec Professional Series
Blendtec Tom Dickson Extreme
Cusineart Blenders
Kitchenaid Blenders
Omni 3 HP Super
Power Emulsifier

Front and Back

Bottom of Sound Enclosure Box & Inside Bottom