Sound Enclosure Videos

The OMNI SHIELD on BlenderWiki is made for the OMNI 3 hp Super Blender. But it also fits many other blenders ranging from Brands such as Blendtec, Kitchenaid, and Cusinenart.

See for yourself.

Omni Shield Sound Enclosure Omni vs Blendtec Blender

Comparing the noise level of the OMNI Blender and the Blendtec Total blender. Both blenders are just about comparable in power and blending ability and finest / texture as a blending result. The OMNI blender is little slower, but much quieter, cools better, and saves more electricity consumption and gets the blending done equally well at the end. The Blendtec is much more noisier, faster, and more expensive. A good fit for a sound enclosure. Both are surely good blenders. If you already have a Blendtec, the Sound Enclosure will help you using your Blendtec more frequently because now you can put it conveniently into this Sound Enclosure Box

Omni Sound Enclosure Shield & Omni Blender

Introducing the OMNI Shield Sound Enclosure box by JTC. This blender sound box reduces the noise level of the already much quieter OMNI Blender to a mere 60 dB (decibels). The blendtec blenders also fit in it. the sound box is only $139 incl free shipping. Great add on

OMNI Sound Enclosure Box SHIELD & Blendtec Blender

Demonstration of the OMNI Shield sound enclosure box and the Blendtec Total or Blendtec EZ and/or HP3A blender. The blender is much quieter with that box by approximately 50% sound reduction, or should I say noise reduction. Disclaimer: leave the rear cable cover off to allow for some ventilation access since the Blendtec blender according to Blencted requires that (Warranty issue / overheating issue). Perfect fit