7 Year Limited Warranty

We are providing a 7 Year Warranty for the OMNI Shield Sound Enclosure Box (by JTC) covering workmanship, material and labor, including full replacement, except normal wear and tear and/or abusive handling or damage caused through fall, transportation, or mishandling.

If you think you may have a claim, please contact us with proof of purchase and send in photos of alleged damage or defect.

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Call (801) 623-3225

email: lifestyle@123vita.com

No registration is required. You are automatically registered. If you select to send your sound enclosure box to us for warranty repair or replacement, the customer will be responsible to pay full postage fee and packaging to prevent further damage during transportation.

We will refund the shipping cost for sending the Blender Sound Enclosure to us if we can verify the legitimate warranty coverage. We will also send the repaired and/or new replacement of the Sound Enclosure Box if it is covered and/or can be covered under warranty.

If you have any questions regarding this 7 Year Limited Warranty please contact us.

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